Fun for Kids

We are a family-friendly lodge: we have family chalets and we welcome children of all ages, and we know that what’s important to parents is what the children can do here to keep busy and have fun! Can you have a great family safari holiday with kids? Yes you can!


What can children do at Umkhumbi?

Is your child passionate about wildlife? Let them join our ROOKIE RANGERS program. We have a great 2-night package of activities that children love (recommended ages 4-12 years).
The total cost for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) for a 2-night stay including meals and the kids program is R4990.
Have a look at our package brochure: Rookie Rangers
Please enquire for a quote or for further information:


At Umkhumbi we have a kids’ play area, a swimming pool and at the lounge we have a pool table and a selection of puzzles and games for older kids, and for younger children we have a drawing table and a chalk board as well as age-appropriate games.


We know that many parents want to get their kids away from technology and into nature. We love kids and one of our staff will be happy to entertain your children in a fun and educational way.  Perhaps we can take them on a nature trail, track giraffes, look for scorpions and frogs, teach them how to start a campfire or toast some marshmallows! Hopefully we will keep them so busy that they don’t notice we also have WiFi and a TV…

What activities nearby are suitable for children?

Travelling with children can be difficult. Several of the activities nearby do have a minimum age limit. However, there are still things you can do.

Self-drive safari with kids. Safari operators will often not take children under 7 years old, but you can still do those safaris in your own vehicle. Young kids will be excited to see elephants and giraffes and can make noise in your car or fall asleep as they like. You aren’t bound by any set times, and can have a great day out.

Boat trips. Boat trips in St Lucia take children of all ages and they can have fun seeing hippos yawning or trying to spot crocodiles from logs.

Sodwana Bay. Sodwana bay’s beach is perfect for a day out with children of all ages. Smaller kids can paddle in the rock pools, look for fish and crabs and build sandcastles on the beach, while older kids can swim and snorkel or boogieboard on the waves.

Crocodile centre. Children can learn about crocodiles and see some great reptile displays.

Cultural tours. Children of all ages are able to join the tour of the modern rural village. It is a walking tour but distances are not great. They will also enjoy a more traditional Zulu show at the cultural village nearby.

Elephant interaction. Children are able to do the elephant interactions but we don’t recommend it for children younger than 5.


We are here to help you have a great fun family holiday for you and your children. Contact us if you would like us to help plan your trip or if you have special needs.