Gizmo returns – for a little while

It has been decided among the crew that Gizmo should be rereleased. However we have decided this time to release him without the transmitter. He is just a little too small and whilst he is doing fine in captivity with the transmitter in place we have our doubts about how well he will be able to cope after release. So, we have made the decision to pop him once more into the care of Susanne (our project veterinarian) and then monitor his convalescence before releasing him once more into the wild. Free to remain unbothered by humans pestering him when he is soaking up the midday sun.

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  1. OsMonkey July 15, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    Poor little Gizmo – I wish him all the best…

    Is his loss going to affect the project?

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