Goodbye and good luck Gizmo!!

Gizmo's new home

Great view over the water for Gizmo


Well, the day has finally come where we say goodbye to Gizmo.


Gizmo hides in the grass

Home Sweet Home


In case you missed it, Gizmo was one of the original snakes in our telemetry research project. Unfortunately Gizmo was just a little too small and did not react well to the telemetry unit after the Surgery. There was only one thing to do, let Gizmo go without the transmitter. So back into surgery a few days later, the transmitter was removed and Gizmo returned with us to convalesce.

Gizmo has been getting stronger by the day and has even managed to put on enough weight to shed! So we thought it high time we let him go once more in the bush.


Forest Cobra unsure of release

Gizmo tentatively looks round


At first he seemed reluctant to leave his Hluhluwe hotel (namely the garage atUmkhumbi Lodge but then instinct got the better of him and he was off.

After a brief stop in the water – which judging by the speed he left it was cold!! – he ducked into the long grasses to hide from the sun.


Gizmo the forest Cobra gives us one last smile before slithering away

Be careful Gizmo!

Bye bye

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