Heffalumps and Cheetahs

This morning we all got to play with Rambo, Rachel, and Jabulani.
Otherwise known as daddy elephant, mummy elephant and baby.

Elephant family

We all heard the tragic story of how Rambo lost his ‘finger’ on his trunk. And now rather than eating like an African Elephant he eats like an Asian elephant by scooping the food into a hollow on the underside of his trunk.

Close and cuddly

Rachel still eats like an African elephant should because she still has both of her trunk ‘fingers’.

Everyone got to feed Rachel and then interact more closely with Rambo.

We were shown his second nose (Jacobsons organ).

Inner nose spotting

We felt the satin soft skin behind his ears, stroked his tusks and trunk, and a few brave people even got to feel his tongue.

Ears, tusks and food all at once - Rambo is very patient :)


We are not allowed to directly interact with Jabulani the baby as the keepers would like to see him released into the wild when he is old enough. But he didn’t understand this and tried to interact with us instead!!

Smiley happy faces


Ever got to cuddle a Cheetah? No? Our students have.

This cheetah was reluctant to lay down on the wet grass

From learning about the smaller of the African cats (just like larger versions of the tabby cats at home) to watching the Caracals ‘hunt’ their food by jumping in the air, it has been an eventful day.

The hilight for everyone I suspect was the Cheetah interaction. Two Cheetah who are too tame to be released provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors.


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