Hlane Royal National Park

Arriving at Hlane Royal National Park, the Waterhole by the restaurant was like a scene out of the Lion King!

Rhino, Hippo, Elephants, Impala, Stork, Ox Peckers and Crocodile, all that was missing was the Giraffe!

white Rhino in the bush - nature tour south africa

The Rhino tries to find his way to the water past the hippos, croc and elephants

bull elephant in swaziland

The elephant looks smug after seeing off that pesky Rhino!

crocodile extreme nature tour

The croc sunbathes on the sand waiting for an easy lunch

elephant family at waterhole

Once the coast was clear the whole elephant family came down to the water hole

hippo pillow extreme nature tour south africa

With one look the hippo tells the Rhino to stay away from their part of the water

Sulking Rhino at Swaziland

The Rhino flops to the ground and sulks while he waits for the Hippos, Croc and Elephants to let him to the water.

Another evening drive for Stephanie and Adrian Tonight followed by an early morning mountain bike ride around the park (to say they are excited would be an understatement!)

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