Joining Kuleni Game Park

EXCITING NEWS !        Umkhumbi Lodge – Hluhluwe

We are delighted that after successful negotiations with our closest neighbouring properties, Umkhumbi Lodge has dropped fences and is now part of the larger conservation area known as KULENI GAME PARK.

This is a great development for small scale conservation, as the wildlife from all properties will now be able to roam further, and will be able to improve their genetics through the mixing of a larger gene pool.

What does this mean for guests of Umkhumbi Lodge?

This is GREAT NEWS for Umkhumbi’s guests as they will have access to a larger network of walking trails throughout the Kuleni Game Park, and cycling is also permitted.

There will also be a greater variety of wildlife that one can come across on foot.

Wildlife to be seen include all of the previous mammalian species:  Nyalas  –  Impalas  –  common duikers   –  red duikers  –  suni  –  vervet monkey  –  banded mongoose  –  slender mongoose  –  thick tailed bushbabies


The outlook for BIRD-WATCHING enthusiasts has also improved as there is more grassland, and you can find such notable species as Green Twinspots and African Broadbills as well as our readily seen woodland species (including Pink-throated Twinspots, Narina Trogons and Eastern Nicators).

Our rates and services have not changed..

Guests can still enjoy the personal care we have always offered along with good, freshly prepared meals and drinks at our treetop bar. A reminder of our room-types: En-suite Doubles, En-suite twins and Family chalets are available.

The only operational change will be that guests will enter through the MAIN KULENI GATE which is just before the old gate and very easy to find. Gate hours are 06h00 to 22h00 (special provision can be made for emergencies or delays where necessary). The gate is manned and guests will be directed to Umkhumbi a short distance from the gate.

If you would like to stay at Umkhumbi Lodge please go to our bookings page and we will make a booking for you.

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