Let the fun begin!

It is that time of year again!

The students are arriving and it’s time to get rolling. We start off in the battlefields, where the students are entertained by the wonderful way Reggie tells the story of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift.

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The students grasp the size of the battlefields

kzn, zulu war, battlefields, africa, military, history

The students are entertained by Reggie (note the white grave markers dotted on the fields)

The history really came alive as we wandered the battlefields dotted with the white stone grave markers of the fallen men and climbed to the cave of the last Englishman standing before walking the route of Lieutenant Melvill and Lieutenant Coghill as they took the Queen’s colours to safety, ultimately ending in their demise at the river.

kzn, zulu war, battlefields, africa, history,

What goes up...

KZN, zulu war, battlefields, fugitives,

...must come down... - following the fugitives trail

Buffalo river, zulu wars,  KZN,  South africa, battlefields

Thankfully no one decided on a re-enactment of history at the river!

We are sad to leave our lovely hosts at Geckos View today, who have provided us with comfy beds, fantastic food (including Blue Wildebeest potjie!) and great company.

But leave we must as we head to hear of the fallen at Rorkes Drift before heading to Albizia Camp at Umkhumbi Lodge.

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