Mid Kent Animal Care Course South Africa 2013


Some excerpts of comments from the Mid Kent College student group on their way to the airport after leaving Umkhumbi Lodge.

“It was sad leaving everyone at the lodge knowing that it was the last time we would drive down the bumpy track past the Nyala. As we travel back to the airport to go home, we all cannot believe what we have experienced in just two weeks.”

“As we drove away the staff waved to us and Copper was laying in the sun. So sad to go.”

“From the time we first saw a giraffe at Victors’s, it was so exciting, we never realised that we would be so much closer to giraffes a few days later that it became almost normal!”

“The game drive was amazing and so hard to put into words. Within the first hour we saw so much. The pack of wild dogs was a sight that none of us will ever forget. Such a rare sighting because of the decline in their numbers. Our guide hadn’t seen any since February and he does four or five drives each week. They were running around and the pups were really playful but they are vicious hunters too. We followed them driving slowly in the game vehicle watching them until they eventually went off into the bush in search of food.”

“Seeing elephants in the wild walking across the road in front of you is breathtaking. A big herd with very young elephants too who were staying close to their mothers was fantastic. They look so different to elephants in England, healthier and happier, even their skin seems different. We didn’t realise that a few days later we would get the opportunity to experience elephants even closer!”

“The elephant group of 3 were hungry when we arrived! It was a great morning, the Sun was shining and we were all excited but didn’t know what to expect.
Feeding Rambo the 4 ton male was just an experience that everyone should try. It made us all so thankful we were here. Standing under his huge ears and by him and touching his skin, softer skin by his heart and the roughness of his trunk which was soft on the end. We couldn’t believe at he was still not fully grown as his size shocked us all! Elephants grow taller until they are quite old. He still sleeps on his side and won’t be able to in a few years as he will be bigger and heavier.”

“We could put the food into his mouth and his trunk. He was really gentle and we could look up into his mouth as it was above our heads!! A really humbling experience”

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