Mid Kent College Animal Care Course 2013 – Day 2

On day two of our trip to South Africa, we visited the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, which gave us an excellent insight into the difficulties of running a centre and how challenging it is to continually find new methods of animal enrichment like they deploy at the centre.

We began our day by making pinecone treats for the baboons.

This involved covering pine cones in peanut butter (poking the peanut butter into the gaps as far as our fingers would allow!) honey and birdseed, then freezing them and throwing them into the baboon enclosure.


_JAN0042This provides hours of entertainment for the primates as well as encouraging natural foraging methods which aids in their rehabilitation and release.


In addition, we collected reeds and grasses from within the grounds of the center and gave them to the warthog.


The reeds acted as a supplement to its diet, providing necessary nutrients, whilst also enriching its daily life. She snuffled straight over to the pile of grass and reeds and began munching away, it was great today to see our hard work being appreciated by the animals.

As well as creating enrichment, we painted two rooms using paint donated to the centre.

This was an extremely messy job! Though not as messy as the peanut butter!

However we were very proud of the end result and hope the freshly painted rooms are extremely helpful to the hand-rearing staff who will use them.

After donating a wheelbarrow to the centre we returned to the lodge to have dinner (apparently the chicken was mmmmmmm!) and relax. It was an amazing day; we had a lot of fun and our heads are now filled with animal smarticles.


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