Mid Kent College Animal Care Course 2013 – Day 6

Snake talk: today Anton gave us a snake talk, he spoke about the different types of damage that they can do such as neurological (affecting the nervous system). The different types of venom are called Hemotoxic, Neurotoxic and Cytotoxic (which burns and practically dissolves muscle and tissue, we saw a picture…).

If we wanted to we even got to touch a puff adder which did the damage in the image that we saw.

Anton also brought out a variety of reptiles and inverts including tarantulas, scorpions, snakes and lizards. Did you know that the main difference between lizards and snakes is that lizards have eyelids?!

Next we watched Lacey feed mice to the Bosc Monitors and then everyone got the chance to feed them hissing cockroaches with a big pair of tweezers.

Cage cleaning:

We cleaned out a variety of enclosures that venomous animals lived in, such as rattle snakes, vipers, frogs and toads. Anton removed each of the venomous species and told us about each one before we began cleaning the cages. This one still looked a bit dangerous though…

We used different substrates to meet the animals needs and moved around the enrichment in the enclosure to make them feel safe and secure. See one of the finished cages for the juvenile swamp viper below.

Snare walk: walking though the thick undergrowth we searched for snares, these work like a ‘noose’…

When the animal gets its foot, head or any other part of the body caught in it the animal struggles and pulls away; therefore tightening the snare. This is made out of wire and is placed by poachers, it is camouflaged well to blend in. We only found one, but its suspected to have failed and the animal escaped.  Maybe it had only broken the animals leg as there were old bones nearby.

After this we chilled around the pool, and relaxed which was nice after such a busy day.

Marie & Meg. :-)

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