Mid Kent College Animal Care Course South Africa – Day 8

After breakfast we met Dylan who is the manager  of Bhejane Nature Training Centre.

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He explained to us what type of courses the centre runs and the career opportunities after finishing the course. Afterwards we drove to Kosi Bay.

After getting there we got shown to our accommodation and went over to a nearby homestead. When arriving at a new homestead you must crouch on one knee and wait to be invited to enter into the homestead boundary.


We were introduced to local people that lived there and given colorful fabrics to be used as skirts like the local women wear. When we were dressed like the local women (except Rob!) we were invited to one of the huts where our guide Vusi was explaining to us what they do in the village.


The main activity at this homestead was making palm wine which people come to drink everyday. Not everyone knows how to make the palm wine so they visit to buy it. We all were able to try it and we have been given some to take with us back to the camp site.



The finished wine tastes a lot nicer than the pure sap, which is very very sweet!


The wife of the homestead owner took us to one of the palm plants that they harvest, Vusi then showed us how the sap from the plant is harvested.

_JAN0044 (4)

The palm stump even has a sun hat to stop it drying out!

_JAN0047 (4)
Then we made our way back to the camp site and had a very tasty dinner (of locally caught fish) and talked around the fire asking Vusi and Temba (a member of the community) before going to our tents for some rest.


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