Monkeying around on day 5

A morning at Victors place. Even getting to his house is a game drive with Zebra and Impala!

But breakfast first, where some of the girls volunteered to pitch in and help. Scrambled eggs, toast, sausages, cheese, cereal, yoghurts, copious fruit juice and tea and coffee to wake everyone up and get them ready for the day. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to our birthday girl as well who has just turned 18!!

Big thank you to everyone who helped

Then at his house we find, marmosets, vervet monkeys, samango monkeys, a giant eagle owl, crocodiles, more bushpigs, spiders, frogs, a worm lizard, ducks and a whole platoon of weaver birds busy building their nests above the crocodiles.

Each group was challenged with sitting perfectly still and watching the monkeys and studying their behaviours. Then Victor decided to get in with one of the hand reared samango monkeys to show us all some interactions.

Monkeying about

The worlds best classroom

Some students even got to feed the monkeys, but not quite what you would expect…

Apparently it is their favourite treat

*Yoink* Mine!!

They certainly seemed to enjoy the lollies,

"Nommy nom nom"

And one of them even mugged a smaller monkey for his lolly too!!

Like taking candy from a monkey....

Now back to camp for lunch and the beginning of the environmental awareness course with Tommy.


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  1. Martin Hall October 19, 2011 at 7:22 pm #

    Happy 18th birthday Lucy. :-)

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