Mozambique Last Day and Final Expedition Day

My group and I planned to leave the camp by 7:30. However due to incompetence from some members of our group who shall remain nameless we were pushed back 15 minutes…

At 7:45 we received our orders from Tony and we set off. Our group (the Rusty Jelly Beans) reached the market at 7:55, from there I bought my 5th and final pair of Africa trousers! After a good 15 minutes of haggling the locals out of their handmade trinkets we began our trek to the school.

We arrived at the school in the knick of time at 8:59, thankfully Tommy had left so we had dodged a bullet there!!

Our group had joined forces of the group of 5 and we immediately started with the fun and games. Previously at the orphanage I joined in with piggy in the middle, so I planned to do the same. As soon as we started playing this game we got several confused stares. After a good 5 mins our piggy in the middle group had got several children involved. They picked up the game very quickly, it’s amazing to think such a simple game can offer so much amusement to these children’s lives. I then decided to switch activities and play ‘duck duck goose’, a game that I have not played in 10 years. Again it was amazing to see this simple school yard game for us back in England provide such laughter, enjoyment and exercise (especially for me!).

After a good 20 mins of being embarrassed by fast 6 year old children it was almost time to say goodbye but not before the Hokey Cokey. This provided much amusement for both parties with Guy and I getting some good cardio exercise.

The rusty jelly beans left the school behind us and began our trek to the boarder. All in all the walk was about 12 km so in theory 3 hours. But our group did not take into account Graces ankle being jumped on in a mad dash for some party rings! We took several longish breaks my favorite break was 2km away from the boarder where we buried our beloved mascot: Gerald the spoon!

The story of Gerald is a heroic one, he was a spoon that I borrowed from Jeremy for the Calais practice exhibition. He was remounted to look like a cobra by some boiling pasta, and then cracked in half by me trying to rectify my error! From that moment forward Gerald was deemed useless as a spoon but his life continued as a mascot!

When we finally crossed the boarder at 1:15 there was a humongous sense of achievement, relief and hunger! We would never have to walk for 22 Km for 4 days ever again! Our group then got split up as we had to hop onto the remaining seats in the buses. Once we found our seats we were told a nasty rumor that Steers; the motivation for our walk was canceled due to them running out of water. This was then proven wrong as we pulled into a petrol station and were pointed towards the Steers kiosk.

100 rand  and a Big Bacon King Steers Burger later we then jumped back onto the mini bus and drove back to the lovely Umkhumbi lodge. This place has a home like feeling.

Only 3 days left in Africa but I do not want to leave!

Sam S (underpants Sam)

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