Day 2 Extreme Nature Tour – A quick photoshoot

After breakfast it was time for a quick photo shoot with Antons little snake collection. The big problem though is deciding which ones to choose!

As it was just a quick shoot we decided on a Puff Adder from the Eastern Cape, an East African Gaboon Adder and the Black File snake.

Fredrik plays with the black File snake on an extreme nature tour with Antons Africa

Fredrik plays with the Black file snake on his extreme nature tour

Photoshoot on an umkhumbi Lodge nature tour with Antons Africa

Limelight time for one of our little Gaboon Adders.

Puff Adder close up photos on an extreme nature tour with antons africa

Puff Adder close ups

Then it was off to find a crocodile with a fish hook stuck in his mouth!

UPDATE: The Crocodile is missing in action! Someone tried to catch him two days ago and lost, and it would appear that he isn’t keen on this happening again and has moved. We have our spies in the area keeping their eyes open for the Crocodile so as soon as he is spotted we’ll be straight after him.

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