Nightwatch Diary

On their wilderness trails, all of our students have to take their turn at nightwatch. For some this is scary, for others tedious but for most people – exciting. Canterbury Gold DofE Award 2013 decided that a handing over ceremony of the nightwatch diary should happen at every shift change complete with a solemn oath […]

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Warthog Dissection

We started by carrying the old warthog to the dissection site, where we promptly hung the pig from the tendons in its legs to a couple of hooks on a tree to give us a safe stable carcass to work with. Tommy sliced the neck with a very sharp knife, he then offered to one […]

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Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

The first thing we heard in the morning was a massive BANG on the side of our tent and Tommy’s beautiful voice “good morning my sleeping beauties” we mumbled a response and started our ridiculously early day. Clambering into massive game drive vehicles after layering up like onions. After boarding ‘the fun bus’ we sped […]

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Crocodile Centre in Hluhluwe

When we arrived at the croc centre the man started talking about an iguana and then I looked round and a large iguana was staring at me!!! I said he was soooo cute, I loved him to bits and wanted to take him home. Our guide was called Lawrence and he was really nice. Then […]

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Cheetah Interaction

After spending the morning at Zulu Croc learning about South Africa’s cold blooded residents, we visited a cheetah rehabilitation centre in the afternoon to interact with some big cats. We initially learned about the African wild cat which was interesting enough, yet watching the Caracal feed, by jumping to the top of the three metre […]

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Steers for Lunch!

Every year our students fall in love with Steers (a fast food chain found in lots of the garages / service stations – they believe it is much better than McDonalds, Burger King and KFC put together! So we went to Steers. Anton, Tommy, Tony and Lacey tried to make us think we were going […]

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Dinner at the 360 Bar in Mozambique

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the walk to the 360 bar felt equally as long as a days trekking, stomachs rumbling, discovering  along the way that the route can’t exactly be called flat. It was worth it. Too an empty stomach, used too far to much Pao bread the […]

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