Snake Safari 2014

At the beginning of this year we were pleased to welcome Bob, Vika and Sasha to South Africa all the way from Kyrgyzstan–Russia.

They had booked onto one of our exclusive safaris where we focus on the abundant Herpetological life that can be found here in South Africa.
What a stunning array of finds we discovered!

It would be a sad state of affairs to not spend some time at the beach when in South Africa. So we took our explorers to Kosi Bay for sun, sea and sand. Of course being on the border of Mozambique we also find snakes we will not find elsewhere in South Africa.

Where do we find all of the different species? Off the beaten track, just getting to Kosi Bay was an adventure on this trip!


But of course you can’t come to South Africa for the first time and not go on a safari, so we took some time out from searching for our scaled friends and went on a drive!

Well, we didn’t drive all day as we were able to get out of the vehicle and look around some abandoned waterholes and hides for more snakes!

Some of our snake sightings were on call outs where people phone us to remove problem snakes from their homes, gardens and on one occasion their oven!

On our way to the airport on the last day we had scheduled a visit to a release site with our good friend Jason (a snake removal expert in Durban) to assist him with the microtagging  and release of a black mamba and the release of a water monitor he had removed from a pool that week.
A black mamba was on Sasha’s dream list, so we had to make it happen :)


Some of our sightings on this tour:

File snake
House Snake
Marble Tree Snake
Shovel snouted snake
Puff Adder
Forest Cobra
Black Mamba
Mozambique Spitting Cobra
Spotted Bush Snake
Natal Green Snake
Red-Lipped Herald
Snouted Cobra
Vine snake
Water Monitor
Rock Monitor
Tree Agama

Various tortoises
Marsh Terrapin
Tree Frog
Greater leaf folding frog
Spotted shovel snout frog
Foam Nest Frog
Greater leaf folding frog
Rubber Frog
Brown backed tree frog
Guttural toad
Raucous toad
Velvet Gecko
Dwarf Gecko
Tropical House Gecko
Golden Orb Web Spider
Flap-Necked Chameleon
Black Rhino
White Rhino
Giant Stick Insects
Banded Mongoose
Water Mongoose
Uroplectes scorpion
Opisthacanthus scorpion
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