Snorkelling at Kosi Bay

snorkelling at kosibay world heritage site

I'm sure Steph is in here somewhere...

kosi bay heritage site snorkel


Armed with our mask and snorkels (no flippers/fins needed at this reef!) We crossed the estuary feeling the alternating hot and cold currents swirling around us.

kosi bay world heritage site

Because every holiday needs one of these pictures!

The beauty of the snorkelling at Kosi Bay is that you swim across a channel and walk up on to the sand bank that runs parralel to the reef, walk along the sand bank, and lower yourself once more into the balmy waters of Kosi Bay Mouth.

But now is where the hard work comes… Ok, only joking – all you
need to do now is float with the current, cameras at the ready.

Snorkel south africa world heritage site

There were fish of all sizes and colours hiding on the reef

kosi bay isimangaliso heritage site

Swim with the fishes

kosi bay world heritage site

Oooooh! lion fish!

devil fire fish bum at kosi bay heritage site

Steph saw it swim by, but it was in its hole by the time I caught up

kosi bay world heritsge site

The honeycomb eel was playing peek-a-boo with Adrian

Effort free snorkelling gave us plenty of energy for posing under the water and playing with our cameras.

kosi bay UNESCO world heritage site

Steph poses for the camera

kosibay world heritage site

"taken the picture yet?"

kosi bay world heritage site

Cheesy grins are hard underwater!

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  1. Linda February 18, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

    Wonderful photos, thanks again for sharing Lacey. Looking like an unforgettable experience. May have to come to see firsthand!!!…

    • Lacey February 29, 2012 at 9:26 am #

      You certainly should come to visit Linda! Be warned though, you may not want to go home :)

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