So many eggs it should be Easter!

Last week we awoke to find Corn Snake eggs (this was a surprise as she didn’t show any signs), Iguana eggs (they haven’t let us down yet), and house snake eggs. I can’t help but wonder which other animals will follow suit and produce more little ones. The Gaboon adders are definitely acting as though they to want to follow suit and pop out some baby snakes.

The eggs are all safely nestled in their vermiculite

After destroying their box, Mummy corn snake laid some lovely eggs as Daddy Corn snake stood guard nearby

Even the bush on the lodge is rife with new additions. The sunbirds are all hatching, we keep spotting more and more baby Nyala and even my bedroom is overrun with baby geckos! Lets hope that there are some new Suni too.

We will keep you updated with pictures when and where we find the new additions.

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