More shopping, except this time our students find themselves away from the big shopping centre of Durban.

Studying the carving sand trying to decide which one

The market is local to the lodge where every item has been made or grown by the women of the community to give them independence and provide for their families.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit - no one could resist the pineapples

There is a vast choice of things to buy – almost too much choice!
Many people went round the market not once, not twice, but four times.


Before we left the market everyone had the chance to taste properly prepared, fresh pineapple. The way to prepare the pineapple is to cut of the skin but leave the grasses intact so that you can just turn it upside down and munch it like a lolly.
But no one wanted pictures of themselves with juice running down their chins on here – so I am afraid you will have to wait till they get back and show you their photos.

Dinner time soon! Macaroni cheese and chocolate cake :D

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