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FC01 – Day 39

01/02/2012 18:12 – 33c After a week of not seeing FC01 we were worried that we would not find it. But then by luck we picked up a signal, in the opposite direction to where we had been expecting it to be (yes I know, it is usually easier to find something if you look […]

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FC01 – Day 33

26/01/2012 10:00 – 26.4c FC01 was still in the same patch of bush as the previous couple of days. Great we thought, it has found another place to chill. 18:40 – 25.6c But no. Due to its positioning near the gate, for the last couple of days we have been checking position as we drive […]

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FC01 – Day 32

25/01/2012 8:00 FC01 was still inside the termite mound (Day 10, 29-32) this morning. But lots of rain today and we want to see if it was the rain that caused FC01 to leave the termite mound last time so we will check again later.   NB: 25/01/2012 18:30 It would appear our suspicions are […]

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FC01 – Day 30

23/01/2012 8:00am Well, good news, FC01 – Forest Cobra #1 – is still here. It was sunning itself in the trees but we couldn’t see it, so we moved closer into the bush and the signal stopped, holding our breaths we waited. It could have been above us, to the left of us or to […]

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FC01 – Day 26

19/01/2011 18:00 Cool temperature, low humidity. Overnight showers. Now that we have a less steamy day here in Hluhluwe it has made a break for it. There are frogs in abundance thanks to the rain and FC01 has ventured into the pineapple fields! This is not good. Lets hope FC01 decides to turn back before […]

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FC01 – Day 12

05/01/2012 17:30 Extremely Hot and humid. FC01 loves to keep me on my toes! I feared that FC01 had gone missing in action as I could not pick up any signal at all that the Forest Cobra was still on the property. We have made arrangements with our neighbours to track the Forest Cobra should […]

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