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Telemetry project – phase 2

Ok, in less than a week our Forest Cobra will be undergoing surgery under the steady hand of Suzanne to have his telemtry unit fitted. A big thank you to the Invicta Arachnid Club from the UK for their donation towards this. We are testing a new release site which will allow us to better […]

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So many eggs it should be Easter!

Last week we awoke to find Corn Snake eggs (this was a surprise as she didn’t show any signs), Iguana eggs (they haven’t let us down yet), and house snake eggs. I can’t help but wonder which other animals will follow suit and produce more little ones. The Gaboon adders are definitely acting as though […]

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Clouddog day 3

After a lovely lazy morning to let their brains recharge after yesterdays information overload the Clouddog students were all happy and willing to learn more – until they found out what we had to teach them. Snakes and reptiles and spiders and frogs and scorpions and newts and dung-beetles and any other creature we happened […]

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