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Day 4 – Extremely long day for an extreme nature tour

What a hectic day! The morning brought us the following; Birds: African Spoonbill Crowned eagle Bush shrike Black backed puff Violet back starling Long crowned eagle Lesser striped swallow Red backed shrike Broad-billed Roller European bird eater Fish eagle Sunbird Yellow Billed Kite Black kite Kingfisher Goliath heron Stork Pelican Ibis / Hadeda Mammals: Giraffe […]

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FC01 – Day 12

05/01/2012 17:30 Extremely Hot and humid. FC01 loves to keep me on my toes! I feared that FC01 had gone missing in action as I could not pick up any signal at all that the Forest Cobra was still on the property. We have made arrangements with our neighbours to track the Forest Cobra should […]

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