Tourist market and the darkside of Africa

An eye-opening experience for our students today as they discover that despite all the endangered listings of species, and the supposed protection that they receive; many are still slaughtered and sold in the open at Muthi markets.

Muthi markets are markets that sell particular ‘medicines’, it is a part of Zulu culture. There are many beliefs and superstitions about different animals and animal parts, so walking around this market can be both and upsetting and enraging event – as our students found out today.

It is important however that the students understand that despite being protected – this means very little.

Below are a few pictures of what was present.

The students walk around the muthi market


Vulture - supposedly gain the ability to see into the future

Monkey - supposed to ward off evil spirits, drinking blood has other 'spiritual' advantage

Faces after the market - didn't last long though as there was a colourful indoor market to explore


On the brighter side however the students had a chance to explore the traditional Victoria market – spices, clothing, bags, paintings, watches, parrots, meat, veg, books e.t.c

Particularly popular were the sheep heads – we didn’t take any photos of those as the facial expressions were much more amusing!! Especially when they realised they were for eating :)



After the market everyone was happily showing off their new purchases – or even other peoples.


At least he claimed it wasn't his...


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